Former Boxer Mike Tyson and Movie Star Sylvester Stallone Voted into the Boxing Hall of Fame

by 10 years ago

Can you imagine how many ex-fighters — who barely have enough brain function to take a shit on there own — are pissed off by this? At least Micky Rourke got in the ring and f*cked his own face up. Stallone has never taken a real punch in the ring outside of a blow that landed accidentally.

I understand “Rocky” gave us the greatest montages in cinematic history(and the city of Philadelphia a movie that isn't about AIDS. The fourth installment singlehandedly ended the Cold War (and gave me my first erection), but, at the end of the day, they were f*cking movies! Really great movies at that, but the fight scenes were so grossly exaggerated and about as unauthentic as it could possibly get. In all six “Rocky's,” never once did anyone block a jab. So even I, a huge fan of Sly, am a bit skeptical as to why he deserves of this honor. But, I guess at least it wasn't Apollo Creed, since that little b*tch died in the ring.

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