Boy With No Feet Surprisingly Good at Soccer, Trains With Barcelona

by 8 years ago

Gabriel Muniz, 11, was born with no feet, but that didn’t stop him from walking before he was a year-old. It hasn’t stopped him from playing soccer, the game he loves, and being pretty damn good at too.

He was recently invited to train at a Barcelona camp in Brazil, where it looks like he more than held his own.

Jose Lopes, Gabriel's PE teacher at his school in Campos, said the boy will go on to create opportunities for others like him.

“The disability only exists inside our heads and he is proving it to everyone; he is challenging the social norms. To this day there isn't a Paralympics 11-a-side football team, but Gabriel is showing this will have to change, because he wants to play 11-a-side football,” he said.

Hell of a kid right there.


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