I Could Watch This GIF of Sidney Crosby Getting Wrecked Then Bitching About It Over and Over Again

Canada is playing Finland as we speak in Olympic hockey and Teemu Selanne—43-YEAR-OLD TEEMU SELANNE some Finnish fuck dropped hockey’s reigning diva and perpetual stain on the face of all that is good in life Sidney Crosby to the ground with a stellar hip check shove. And yes, it is as glorious as it sound. And who gives a shit if it was interference.

(I fucked everything up in that first paragraph in my rush to post it.)

Oh and he bitches after. OH HOW HE BITCHES. Fuck him.

Yes, I am from D.C.

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GIF: Sidney Crosby goes down easy & hears about it from Teemu Selanne

[GIF via the immeasuarable @PeteBlackburn]