Golf Betting Tips – How To Bet On The PGA Tour (2020)

pga tour golf betting tips

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Golf is one of the most fun sports to bet on and can be extremely profitable. Instead of picking one side of a game like in football or basketball, you pick a player to win a tournament, and you get odds on them. The better the player, the shorter the odds, and vice versa.

The great thing about golf is the volatility of it. On any given week, a stud like Bryson DeChambaeu can win, or a long shot like Jim Herman can cash a ticket for you with a win. This is where our golf betting tips can really help you.

Dechambeau was listed as a 12-1 favorite ahead of his 2020 Rocket Mortgage Classic win. That means for every dollar you bet on him, you got 12 dollars back. Herman, in turn, cashed big-time tickets at 250-1 with his 2020 Wyndham Championship victory. So, $1 on him collected you $250.

Golf is difficult to bet on, so don’t have any visions of picking a winner each week. The PGA Tour is fickle and complicated. That’s why you need to be consistent in your betting, and not go over your head.

I’m here to help you out with your golf betting, and I’ve come up with some golf betting tips for you.

Golf Betting Tips

Stay Consistent With Your Bets

Bet the same amount each week and spread it out between golfers. Think of making money over a long period of time, don’t just try to win for the week. Picking the outright winner of a tournament is very difficult, but you don’t need to win all that often to be profitable.

How A Player Has Played At A Course In The Past Doesn’t Really Matter

If you are researching golf, you’ll see a lot of people reference a player’s “course history” at the tournament that week. Trust me when I say this, it doesn’t matter that much. It’s true some guys play really well at a given course, but it’s more because they are good at what the course requires, not because of the course. You are way more likely to see a guy miss the cut one year, and then top 10 the following year.

Pay Attention To How A Golfer Has Played Recently

Golf is about getting hot so make sure you are paying attention to how guys have played recently. A player might get into a bit of a funk, and their swing is out of wack. We want to avoid guys not playing well recently, and find guys who are riding a hot streak, playing confidently.

Research The Course

One of the most important things you can do is understand the course that week. Is it a really long course requiring us to bet some bombers or some guys who are exceptional with the long iron approach shots? Or is the rough devastating, so we want to find guys who don’t necessarily bomb drives but hit the fairway a large portion of the time? What kind of grass are the greens? Some guys on the PGA Tour can’t putt on Bentgrass, but are great putters on Bermuda grass. These little things matter.

Pay Attention To Weather
If your golfer tees off Round 1 in the morning, he’s going to tee off Round 2 in the afternoon, and vice versa. Sometimes, we can see in the forecast that the weather is going to change. If there is a decided advantage to one of the tee times on a day, then take that into account. If I’m deciding between a golfer who is going to tee off in 3 mph winds Thursday morning and a golfer who goes off in 15 mph winds that same afternoon, the morning player is the player to go with most of the time.

Don’t Put All Of Your Money On One Golfer

With most tournaments featuring over 150 golfers in the field, your chances of picking the right one with just one pick are not very good. Think of betting on golf like stocks. We want to diversify our portfolio and make a steady profit. We don’t need to hit a long shot to make money, we just need to identify guys who look like they should play well each week and grind out a profit.

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