Bro Bites Off More Than He Can Chew, Hooks Into A MASSIVE Goliath Grouper And Gets Dragged Into The Ocean

Goliath Grouper are some of the biggest fish found in Florida. Formerly known as the Jewfish, Goliath Grouper are protected by the state of Florida and this has allowed these GARGANTUAN grouper fish to proliferate all across the Sunshine State’s reefs.

Chances are if you’ve seen a clip along the lines of ‘fish does some outrageous shit’ in the past few years it’s been a Goliath Grouper. This is the same fish that swallowed an entire shark whole back in 2014. It’s the same species that Wilson Chandler of the Denver Nuggets caught not too along ago, he landed a 350-pound Goliath Grouper while fishing with BlacktipH.

We’ve seen Florida bros take a fishing hook through the hand and pull these Goliath Grouper in on a handline, and we’ve seen kayak fishermen nearly drowned catching these beasts (552-pounder!!!).

Today we get to see some jabroni get dragged into the water because he wasn’t up to the task of fishing a Goliath Grouper, and that’s a shame. Someone needs to keep these fish in check because if left to roam free Goliath Grouper completely destroy reefs and then move onto the next. They’re the apex predators of coral reefs, even sharks don’t fuck with these fish.