No Question, This Is The Greatest Ping Pong Shot In The History Of Mankind

I can’t stop watching it. It’s just so mesmerizing. Everything about it is just so perfect. So smooth, so silky, so effortless. This is the single best shot to ever be played in the recorded history of ping pong.

I know there’s guys who have those intense rallies where they’re playing 20-feet or so off the table and that’s all well and great, but this is better. Don’t even try to argue that. Did you see his opponent’s reaction!? Flabbergasted. Just like I was the first 14,753 times I watched this, endlessly looping, trying to figure out how one shot could be so damn beautiful.

Finesse, flair, calculation, execution. This shot had it all. It is, without a doubt, the greatest ping pong shot in the history of mankind. You can’t show me a better one (but really, if you can I want to see it).