Guy Tries to Hit Golf Ball Out of a Model’s Ass Crack at Playboy Golf Event, Doesn’t Go So Well

by 4 years ago


Liz Dickson, the model in the photo above with a golf tee protruding from her asshole, is suing Playboy and a radio host for $500,000 because of  this golf stunt gone wrong incident in March 2012.

According to TMZ:

Liz Dickson claims in her lawsuit she was at an L.A. area golf course back in March, 2012 for a Playboy tournament, when she was instructed to lie on her stomach and pose for a photo with comedian and radio host Kevin Klein.

Dickson says a golf tee was placed between her butt cheeks and a golf ball was balanced on the top of the tee.  Klein then took a whack, but his swing sucked and he whacked her in the ass.

Dickson claims she suffered severe injuries, some of which are permanent.  We’re assuming the tee was removed.

I don’t see what the real “damage” here was. A slightly bruised ass cheek and a small puncture from the golf tee? I’d do that for $500,000 payday. Shit, I’d do it for a $50,000 payday.  And by “$50,000” I mean $100 and a pack of cinnamon chewing gum. And I hate cinnamon chewing gum.

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