This Guy Lost 56 Pounds, Turning His Body From Shoddy To Shredded, And So Can You


Dan Davidson

Seeing transformations like this always inspires me. Oftentimes, we fall out of love with the gym and eating right and, in turn, our bodies suddenly start to look less like a pile of muscle and more like a pile of shit. “I’ve been busy with work and life’s crazy, too” we say. We give all the excuses we can, except for the truth, which is that we’ve become lazy. That’s usually all there is to it. Of course there are extreme cases, but for 99% of us, if we look like a fucking doughboy, it’s our fault.

The man above, Dan Davidson, fell into a similar lifestyle. He was eating 6,000 calories per day and drinking a bottle of vodka every weekend. That’s great if you’re working out like Michael Phelps, but not if you’re the poster boy for a sedentary lifestyle.

One day, in the not so distant past, Dan woke up and realized he needed to make a change. So he hit the gym and followed the diet below. When he reached his goal, he hired a photographer to take a few David Beckham-like photos. There’s one below for the sake of seeing his transformation and more for your viewing pleasure over at the Daily Mail.

Dan’s Old Diet

7am breakfast: Coco pops
12.30pm lunch: Cheese panini with chips
3pm afternoon snack: Sugared tea and biscuits
5.30pm evening meal: Pasta bake with a chocolate mousse.
8pm further snacks: Sweets

Dan’s New Diet

7am breakfast: Two full eggs scrambled with six egg whites plus 40g of porridge with wholegrain oats
10am snack: 150g of turkey breast with spinach
12.30pm lunch: Chicken breast and sweet potato
3pm snack: 150g of skinless haddock
5.30pm evening meal: Chicken breast and brown rice
7pm snack: Forza Lipowhey protein shake

Dan’s Transformation Picture


Dan Davidson

 [H/T Daily Mail, Images via Dan Davidson]

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