Seems Like GW Basketball Coach Lonergan Is Trying A New Strategy By Saying The AD Jerks It To His Team’s Film

Do I know what Mike Lonergan is doing the above picture? No, but I can guess. Maybe he’s trying to whisper a funny observation to his assistant coach about someone in the stands. Maybe he sees one of the players on the court has food on his face and he’s trying to tell them. Or maybe, and most likely, he’s trying to tell his wife in the stands that he wants eat her butthole and stick a finger in it at the same time. I think it’s the third option. It just seems more up his alley.

I only say this because, apparently, Mike Lonergan of George Washington has been doing some really weird shit in front of his players. To the point that many of them have transferred or are planning to do so.

Via The Washington Post:

“When the player shared the complaints, which included Lonergan denigrating players and making repeated graphic remarks about the school’s athletic director, Title IX coordinator Rory Muhammad’s response surprised him. The player was told, he later recalled, that the school had looked into Lonergan’s behavior previously and that the issue had been “handled.”

“I understand you met with Coach about similar issues before,” the player wrote to Muhammad on April 16 in a follow-up email, a copy of which The Washington Post obtained. “But this concerns me and my teammates because it seems as if nothing was taken seriously. This worries me because if I (and others) choose to leave the University, word of Coach Lonergan’s verbal and emotional abuse, as well as player mistreatment would eventually be known among the greater community.””

Ah, the classic, “Don’t worry about it. We got it handled. Just stop mentioning it to people and thinking about it in general because we really didn’t handle it.” It’s like people never learned how not to create a scandal. Am I the only one who watched Spotlight? Really though, the real question is just how weird have things gotten? (Note: Nero, for everyone wondering, is Athletic Director Patrick Nero, who Lonergan just seems to hate for no reason.)

“Players said Lonergan shared his distaste for Nero in a manner both inappropriate and outlandish. Five current and former players said Lonergan made explicit remarks about Nero, among them telling them to avoid Nero because he was obsessed with them.

Five current and former players said Lonergan told players Nero requested the practice tapes so he could masturbate while viewing them in his office. The players said Lonergan also told them Nero had engaged in a sexual relationship with a member of the team. Players said they found those comments to be shocking and offensive, with no grounding in reality.”

Ok. Excuse me? How does someone even come up with something like this? “Oh baby, fuck that AD. I know. I’ll tell everyone he bops his yogurt slinger to our practice tapes. Oh man, they’ll he’s so weird. Who would do that?” You know what, though, I could definitely see how this would help his team. Listen, if I found out that there was a dude out there flicking his pee shelf to me playing a sport, I’d be flattered. Plus, I know I’m doing something right. You don’t masturbate to people doing something wrong. I don’t want to watch people having bad sex. I’ll just put a mirror next to my bed. But I don’t think that Lonergan is out here trying to inspire his team by showing them that people are giving their genitals Indian Rug Burns because they’re so good. Mostly because of how many people are saying he sucks.

“After each of the past four seasons, three players have transferred out of GW, bringing the total to 13 in Lonergan’s five years. Over the past two seasons, according to people familiar with the situation, the school has fielded complaints from players about Lonergan. While university administrators addressed the concerns with Lonergan, according to a school official, there have been no public consequences.

For some players, leaving GW represented the best of a handful of ineffectual recourses. They could transfer, which would mean leaving their school of choice and losing a year of playing eligibility per NCAA rules. They could entrust campus officials to scrutinize Lonergan’s behavior, which, to their understanding, already had happened and resulted in no significant change. Or they could stay and play for a coach whose behavior they viewed as bizarre and abusive.

“I don’t think the guy should be in sports,” one former player said. “I don’t think what he said should be tolerated. I would like to stay at GW. I will not play for Mike Lonergan.””

Crazy Mike and the Boys just officially became Crazy Mike and the Unhappy Boys in my book.