These High School Cheerleaders Aren’t Allowed To Wear Uniforms Anymore Because One Kid Complained Of ‘Impure Thoughts’

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A high school kid, who sounds like a real wet blanket, complained to his school that the cheerleader’s uniforms were giving him “impure thoughts.” Naturally, the school told him to grow NOPE THEY BANNED THE UNIS!

Last week, Rozier said, the cheer coach told all the girls someone had complained the uniforms worn on game day in class were distracting a boy, causing him to have impure thoughts.

The Provo School District calls this all a big misunderstanding. They are looking into whether or not anyone really complained, but insist, the uniforms were always allowed.

“The school was never going to make the cheerleading team not wear their uniforms on game days,” said Caleb Price, coordinator of communications and public relations for the Provo School District.

This really is a non-issue, and one that should have been squashed in the beginning, but now shit is really getting out of control and the rape word is getting tossed around.

Nicole Wood, Rozier’s older sister, posted her concerns on the ‘Mormon Stories Podcast’ Facebook page. It has received hundreds of comments.

“They are sexualizing a cheerleading uniform and I just think it’s disgusting, they are objectifying these girls,” Wood wrote.

In part of her post, she wrote:

I feel like this obsession with female modesty is just feeding into the rape culture that is far too prevalent in the area.

Say what now?

[via Fox 13]

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