Hockey Fight of the Day: Mazza Takes Off the Gloves Before Things Get Ugly

by 8 years ago

This is the problem with having young kids watch pansy ass-stars like Sidney Crosby. They think they can come in and cheap shot someone away from the puck then just skate away from a fight after Mom yells to knock it off. Note to all Mite hockey players everywhere: If you're going to hit someone high and away from the puck, be ready to answer afterwards. At least one of the youngsters has watched enough hockey to know how to initiate a fight. Luckily Mom came to the rescue because the other kid wanted nothing to do with throwing down on the ice. It's a known fact that nothing builds a tight-knit team like scuffles at practice. Unfortunately the video ended because it looked like Mazza was going back for more even after his Mom yelled at him. Video of an Ovechkin in the making after the jump…

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