Minnesota Announcer Brings Back His Legendary Hockey Hair Analysis For 2015, Complete With T. J. Oshie

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Remember when we used to talk about flow all the time around here at BroBible? With lacrosse season just getting started and hockey tournaments in full-swing around the country, it’s time for us to bring it back. Everyone knows that hockey players are a bunch of savage animals who aspire to have the best heads of lettuce in all of sports. Since 2012 we’ve featured the wonderful hockey hair analysis of Pulltab Productions, who breaks down the flow of the players in the annual Minnesota State High School Hockey tournament. It’s one of our favorite March traditions here at BroBible.


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This year he’s back with the 2015 All Hockey Hair team and this year’s squad is looking particularly fresh. Especially Luke from Lakeville. WHAT A BEAST.



T.J. Oshie even makes a guest appearance. Watch the full, seven-minute breakdown below. Viva la flow!