Out-Of-Shape Blogger Tried To Figure Out Hollywood’s Fitness Secret To Getting Shredded — This Is What He Learned

If you know anything — literally ANYTHING — about fitness and nutrition then you already know Hollywood’s “secret” to getting ripped for roles. However, a lot of people, like Ben Esch from UPROXX, think there may be an actual secret to Hollywood’s fitness success. Other than, ya know, having an abundance of financial resources and time to dedicate themselves to such a life.

What Esch learned in the video above is that Hollywood’s fitness “secret” is really just something called “hard work.” That is putting it very simply. Sure, hard work is part of it, but all the hard work in the gym won’t mean a lick of shit if your diet is constantly sabotaging you. Just ask some of the fat people working hard in your gym who haven’t seen any results in…EVER. You know who I’m talking about. You’ve seen those people. Also, ask this guy, who dropped down to 6% body fat in just 10 weeks, about how important is diet was. I’d bet the farm that I don’t own that it was 100 times more important than actually working out.

There’s a reason the sayings, “abs are made in the kitchen” and “you are what you eat” exist. It’s because they are true. Unless, of course, you have a supercharged metabolism and you can eat whatever the hell you want and still looked like 180 lb of twisted steel and sex appeal. If that’s your reality, then on behalf of those of us who have to work for it, I say a heartfelt, “FUCK YOU.”

Oh, and if you don’t have money for a trainer/nutritionist who will make the most efficient plan for your goals and hold your fat ass accountable, don’t worry. All hope is not lost. There is a lot of free knowledge online. On this very site we have 40 posts, written by Certified Personal Trainers and nutrition experts, dedicated to fat loss, because we’re silly like that.