A Horse Racing Bettor Won $2.2 Million On A 20-Cent Ticket After Hitting An Outrageous Jackpot

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A South Florida horse racing bettor walked into last weekend a millionaire after betting twenty cents to win $2.2 million, one of the most outrageous bets/wins I’ve ever heard of in my life.

This all went down at Gulfstream Park in Hallandale Beach, just north of Miami Beach, and the gambler was playing the ‘Rainbow 6’ option at Gulfstream Park. In order to hit the Rainbow 6, a bettor must correctly pick the winners of six consecutive Rainbow Six races AND they have to be the only person holding a ticket that’s done that. If not, the majority of the jackpot rolls over to the next day.

So, for instance, if 500 bettors are playing the Rainbow 6 and the favorite wins six consecutive Rainbow 6 races then the jackpot would roll over because more than one gambler would likely be holding a ticket for the jackpot. This means it pays to take some chances on long shots.

According to ESPN’s Chalk, the gambler wagered $0.20 on a ticket and walked away with $2.2 million because the jackpot had gone unclaimed since July 6th and continued to accumulate. Here’s how it all went down:

The Rainbow races Friday were the fourth through the ninth at Gulfstream. Paco Lopez rode Resident Liberal, a 5-1 shot, to victory in the ninth race to complete the win that was worth $2,211,783.62 for the bettor. Lopez had two other winners in the Rainbow series, riding Sherpa in the fifth race and Verdict Is In in the seventh race.

Other race winners were Angelic Knugget in the fourth, Native Hawk in the sixth and One Hot Drama in the eighth. One Hot Drama was by far the biggest long shot of the six, going off at 14-1 odds.

Friday’s payout was enormous but far from the Gulfstream record for a Rainbow 6. A bettor hit the jackpot for $6,678,939 in 2014. (via ESPN)

The report from ESPN says it wasn’t clear how many different 6-horse combinations the gambler played but at twenty cents a bet, I imagine this person entered in a metric dick ton of bets because I know I would. Heck, I’d probably drop $50-$100 alone on different $0.20 combinations in pursuit of that jackpot. Why not?

I love how they just casually tossed in a mention of that $6.679 million jackpot win at the end there as if I wouldn’t also read a thousand-word article on how some random person bet a few cents and walked away with a literal life-changing fortune.

This bet was last Friday but I figured it was still newsworthy given that I hadn’t heard of it until now and I’m pretty tapped into local Florida news + sports gambling news, and as I was catching up on Horse Racing news I came across this wild story from the same day bout how a jockey was thrown from a horse at Santa Anita and hit some people in the stands.

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