How are the Pick’Em Entrants Doing? And Who’d They Pick to Win it All?

by 9 years ago

We're seven and a half games into the first day of the NCAA tournament, and already we've had a buzzer-beater 14-over-3 upset, an overtime and a double overtime game, a one-point win, and, OK, a few blowouts. (UTEP is also up 33-27 on Butler at the half in the “buried game”). People are already saying this is the best Day 1 of the Tournament ever, but we've still got a whole night's worth of action left before we can make that determination.

So how's everyone doing in the Pick'Em pool? Of 1,029 total entries with completed brackets, just 12, count 'em 12, have nailed the first 7 games perfectly. D. Markowitz, A. Okun, C. Forde, A. Hagan, N. Storm, N. Williams, N. Carkery, J. Zampelli, H. Wadingsworth, M. Madison, B. Dunmire, and J. Haight should enjoy their perfection while it lasts.

Another 105 have guessed 6 of 7 correctly (just like President Obama). BroBible's Mr. T and Waffles McButter both have 5 out of 7 so far, while joePA and I are laying the groundwork for a Murray State-esque comeback with just three. So who did everyone pick to win the National Championship? We crunched the numbers and even made a big fat Excel chart. Find out after the jump. Pick'Em Champions picks: 

505 Kansas

191 Kentucky

107 Syracuse

59 West Virginia

51 Duke

23 Ohio State

22 Georgetown

15 Villanova

12 Kansas St

9 Maryland

7 Baylor

3 Purdue

3 Tennessee

3 Texas

2 Cornell

2 New Mexico

2 Notre Dame

2 Pittsburgh

2 Temple

2 Texas A&M

1 BYU, 1 Butler, 1 Florida, 1 Marquette, 1 Michigan State, 1 UNLV

1,029 Total