How Strong Is James Harrison? Strong Enough To Do Dips With 270-Pounds Hanging From His Nut Sack

by 3 years ago

James Harrison Instagram

James Harrison is a BAAAAAAAAAAAD MAN, we all know that. Dude goes hard in the gym and on the field of play. You might say that he isn’t just a participant. In fact, he hates people who merely participate. Pussies.

(Note: I don’t know if he actually hates anyone, but his temperament suggests that he might and that’s good enough for me.)

Anyway, Harrison has become somewhat known for posting videos of his workouts on Instagram. Dude works out hard and I find it commendable (I think that’s the word I want to use, although “fucking insane” is also applicable if you’re a big proponent of vanity) that for just a jacked motherfucker, he works out in a full sweatsuit. No flaunting of his bod. Just flaunting all that hard work.

Like I said, commendable, but also fucking insane to dudes who jerk off to their own reflection.

Harrison’s latest workout videos highlight how much weight he can have hanging off his body while he does dips. Pretty impressive.

Here he is with 225 lbs dangling from his crotch.

Child’s play. Fucking child’s play.

But can he do 270 lbs? To me, he can. To him, the weight won the battle. I think you need to lower your standards of success, James.

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