I Have Nothing But Respect For The Guy Who Bet $1,600 On Alabama In Order To Win Less Than $2

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This weekend, the Alabama Crimson Tide played a cupcake game against Louisiana-Lafayette and went into the matchup as 49-point favorites which, at least to my knowledge, is a lot of points.

Unfortunately, the team basically phoned it in after the end of the first half, and while they had a 56-point lead heading into the fourth quarter, they were kind enough to let their opponents get a couple of scores and broke the hearts of anyone who hammered the over in the process.

Over the past year or so, we’ve seen a few gamblers win an insane amount of money on unlikely bets— like the guy who won close to $85,000 on a $5 wager thanks in no small part to a brain fart courtesy of Russell Wilson.

There was also the dude who posted up at a Hooters sportsbook and casually turned $10 into $15,000.

We also can’t forget another man who threw down $47 and walked away with $37,600.

Not bad for whatever the opposite of a hard day’s work is.

If you’re even slightly familiar with the world of Las Vegas sportsbooks then you’re probably well aware that some of the guys who gamble there are absolute lunatics who will stop at nothing to get in on the action— even when that action barely pays.

On Monday, ESPN‘s David Purnam did his weekly gambling roundup and highlighted what is easily my favorite betting-related story of the weekend.

In addition to being favored by the absurd margin mentioned above, the Crimson Tide had a moneyline of -99,000 (one sportsbook representative said it would have been even more but the computer was unable to process anything higher).

It was a sure bet, but when you consider the return, you’d think most people wouldn’t even bother with it.

However, there was one exception in the form of a bettor who decided to wager $1,579.65 and won a whopping $1.60 in the process.

I hope he had fun crushing the penny slots after the win.

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