Hunter Pence Gave The Filthiest And Best Postgame Speech Ever

Hunter Pence Post Game Speech

The Giants clinched a playoff spot last night, and Hunter Pence was jacked, so he gave a post-game speech. He might have used a couple curse words. Fine, he used a ton of curse words, but he’s well within his rights. He’s in the locker room.

Here’s the deal with being in the team locker room — be prepared for anything.

Reporters and network heads can not go into a professional locker room, the one place players should really have just to themselves, and expect those players to act accordingly. That’s horseshit. These guys can’t be on their best behavior at all times. They’re allowed to be just as excited about their accomplishments as the fans watching at home.

Let’s the fuck bombs fly, Hunter Pence. You and your team earned it.