Pro Golfer Jamie Donaldson Says The EXACT Same Thing I Do After Missing A Putt, Only I Don’t Say It On Live TV


Other than my often abysmal short game, the main thing I have been working on this year has been my temper on the golf course. I’m not a club thrower and I won’t harm any living things, but when I hit a bad shot plenty of people know it. I can’t let it roll off my back. It burns my ass something fierce and I must verbally dress myself down before I can move on. And like European Tour pro, Jamie Donaldson, 7 times out of 10 the phrase “fucking cunt” is involved.

Block a drive to the right: HERE IT COMES!

Miss a putt because I didn’t get it to the hole: You bet your sweet ass that’s flying out of my mouth.

I’m playing golf with my mother and she doesn’t see my shot sail out of bounds but says, “It sounded good”: Oh yeah, it’s time for the C-word, BABAAAAAY!

Just kidding, I would never say that to my mother, she raised me better than that. I think I made that abundantly clear when I mentioned that I don’t throw clubs.

So for all of us amateurs with a way-too-short fuse, here is Jamie Donaldson having his very human, very healthy (if you ask me), “Fucking Cunt” moment.

[H/T TBL, Image via Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports]