Japanese Baseball Closer Just Raised The Bar For How Pitchers Should Enter The Game

by 12 months ago

Until I watched this video I never thought that Major League Baseball could ever be unseated as the #1 baseball league on the planet, now I’m not so sure. There are a few exceptions, but most American baseball fans show up to the park to eat hot dogs and watch a relatively slow game. The New York Yankees are leading the AL East and play in the best city in America yet they’re losing hundreds of millions on ticket sales.

You see a video like this and think ‘holy shit, those fans are really into it’. To find the same level of energy here in America you’d need to hit an NFL Playoffs game, or just about any college football or basketball game at a D-1 school. College is where the energy is at. Sadly, however, you might only find this level of energy at a college baseball game in the College World Series.

If Japan is going this crazy for a baseball game I don’t see any possible way that the MLB competes longterm. Maybe I’m wrong to assume that because Japanese fans care more they’re willing to pay more, but it seems like Japanese baseball grows every year by leaps and bounds while the MLB makes tiny, incremental strides. MLB’s having an awesome year with record K’s and HR’s, and young stars lighting up the night….But LOOK at those Japanese fans going nuts. Rick ‘Wild Thing’ Vaughn wouldn’t even have the balls to enter a game like that.

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