JaVale McGhee Offered 10 Lucky Fans Free Chipotle. Only One Showed Up

by 7 years ago

JaVale “Pierre” McGee is up to his social media antics yet again. Unlike Dwight Howard, McGee appears in public without a cape and comes to the aid of Denver citizens by offering them free Chipotle burritos, via his Twitter account.

McGee posted on his official twitter page today: “1st 10 people who meet me at chipotle in 5 mins get free meals! #OMM the one in Denver on 16th!”

It appears only one person showed to McGee’s burrito party, posting this picture with fan Andy Mathisen.

Mathisen was grateful, tweeting back, “Just met one of my favorite @denvernuggets at chipotle. Thanks for the burrito @JaValeMcGee34 you’re the man!”

This all occured yesterday. It appears that McGhee has since taken down the offer/pic, but Mathisen's post-Chipotle enthusiasm has immortalized the event for retweets to come. 


Now THAT's a story . McGee, who was traded to the Nuggets last season, will likely look to garner more fans when the NBA season kicks off in late October. 

[H/T: Mile High Sports, via Bleacher Report]

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