Jeremy Lin Had Lunch With Fired ESPN Headline Writer

by 7 years ago

“It went incredible,” Federico said. “I'm just so excited we had a chance to meet. We talked for an hour. I'm just so thankful.”

A Knicks spokesman said on Wednesday that Lin did not wish to publicly discuss the meeting. Calls to Lin's agent were not returned.

Federico apologized after he was fired and called the headline “an honest mistake.” At the time, Lin said he accepted the apology and added, “You have to learn to forgive.”

Apparently, he meant it.

A member of Lin's family reached out to Federico via e-mail more than a month ago, according to Federico. After several attempts to get Lin and Federico to meet were scuttled because of the Knicks point guard's busy schedule, the meeting finally took place at a Manhattan restaurant and left Federico thankful for Lin's graciousness.

Federico said the two spent much more time discussing their mutual faith than the headline that spawned so many others and led to the 28-year-old’s dismissal.

Classy, considerate move here by Lin.