Jerry Lawler Suffered Heart Attack During Monday Night ‘Raw’ [UPDATE]

by 7 years ago

Legendary WWE announcer Jerry “The King” Lawler collapsed shortly after a segment where he jumped into a match with CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler. According to reports, he was taken away by EMT and given CPR backstage. He was taken to a Montreal hospital, where he's reportedly breathing on his own. A very shaken Michael Cole addressed the televised audience to address the situation, saying the chilling words a wrestling fan never wants to hear: “This is not part of the show.” Horrifying. Thoughts and prayers to Lawler.

UPDATE: The WWE confirmed today that Lawler suffered a heart attack during the show last night. Thanks in part to the large amount of medical personnel on staff, the King was able to be revived, however multiple reports indicate that he was clinically dead for some time, possibly as long as 20 minutes. As of this morning, he is reportedly in stable condition and breathing on his own. 

Thoughts with the King.