Pro Golfer Jesper Parnevik Broke a Rib Riding a Segway, Uploaded the Fail to Instagram For Our Enjoyment

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There are a plethora of shitty ways to get hurt, but having to tell people you broke your rib riding a Segway has to be the shittiest. I broke my rib playing softball a few years ago (never run full speed into a fence, kids) and I barely wanted to admit how it happened. Softball. I hurt myself playing slow-pitch softball… WHAT KIND OF MAN AM I?

As hard as that just was for me to tell all of you, I can’t image what lie I would come up with if I broke my rib riding a Segway. I couldn’t possibly tell the truth. I’d probably just tell people something honorable and heroic, like I fell off the bed while I was jacking off.

Unlike me, however, Jesper Parnevik is taking it all in stride. Not only is he admitting how he hurt himself, but he posted the video of his demise on Instagram with the caption, “Haha, of all injuries I’ve had, this is the most ridiculous!! Broke a rib and had to withdraw from all events this month.”

[H/T: Golf Channel]

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