Jessie James Decker Reveals What She Did When A Thirsty Fan Sent Eric Decker A Nude In His DMs

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I’m a straight male. I have never been tempted by the opposite sex. With that said, I understand the makings of a good looking male. Eric Decker is one of them–olive skin, chiseled jaw line, uniform facial hair, strong muscle tone. Be right back, need a quick bathroom break.


Anyhoo, the 30-year-old Titans receiver is married to the stunning Jessie James Decker. Not mad about it, because I’m straight. I’m straight. I need a quick reminder–Jessie please remind me.

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Nice. Love chicks.

The loving couple recently answered some tough questions asked by the folks over at E! News about DM sliding. I found it newsworthy.

“How would you handle these real life situations? A fan sends Eric a nude photo.”

“Oh it’s happened before, it has!” Jessie replied. “Has it?” her hubby asked.

“And she was married too,” the Eric & Jessie star continued. “You just didn’t see it. I checked it. I checked it on your Instagram DM and some woman sent you a naked photo and I looked to go look at her page. She had huge boobs too and she was married with children. I so badly wanted to send this to her husband but I didn’t. I just blocked her for you.”

“Thanks babe,” Eric replied.

Well this explains why Decker never responded to my DM! I mean, what. Jessie bring me back to earth.


Jessie having free reign over Eric’s social media accounts is a Big Brother-esque move, but you gotta imagine that Decker’s DMs have more action than Mad Max: Fury Road, so stomping out temptation at its roots may not be the worst decision.

But enough with the boobs talk, lets get back to Decker’s schlong shall we?! Guys? Guys??

Aannnd one for good measure…

[h/t E! News]

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