Jim Leyland Has Had it Up to Here With Terrible Umpires

by 7 years ago

Umpires ruled that a third strike, which was not foul-tipped and caught in the air by catcher Gerald Laird was both foul-tipped and not caught in the air. What should have been the third out of the second inning instead turned into the impetus for a three-run rally.

After the game, Leyland went on a tirade to media about how they should call out umpires for their missed calls. It’s a highly entertaining sentiment, but we should consider the source. The old-school skipper has long blustered at the idea  media should second-guess his job performance. Identifying irony is apparently not one of Leyland’s strong suits.

Both he and third-base coach Gene Lamont were ejected for arguing the call and got to enjoy the Memorial Day spread of potato salad and cheeseburgers in the locker room.

There’s no telling how many Marlboros it took to calm Leyland down, but the over-under is 24.

Does he have a point? Maybe. But perhaps someone this cantankerous is not the one to make that point.

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