Retired NFL Player Ben Leber Wants Every Rookie to Read J.J. Watt’s Explanation As to Why He Has No Social Life

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Yesterday, retired NFL player Ben Leber shared J.J. Watt’s perfectly reasonable explanation as to why he has no social life (save for that time he attended a basketball game). An NFL career is extremely short. Most players are out of the league before they’re 35-years-old. J.J. Watt understands that his time in the league is fleeting, so he’s put the majority of his own social life on the back burner until he exits the NFL. Ben Leber thinks all rookies (cough, Johnny Manziel, cough) should take a page out of Watt’s book, although you have to argue that there’s more than one way to skin a cat. (Who the hell is out there skinning cats?)

Leber isn’t the only one praising Watt’s work ethic. His teammate Keith Browner had this to say during an interview with Texans Radio, “The main guy I look up to is J.J. Watt because his work ethic is ridiculous. He’s just a working horse. It’s like he never tires out. When I see him working, that makes me want to work harder because I say to myself all the time, ‘Nobody can out-hustle me and nobody can work harder than I can.’ So when I look at J.J., I try to compete with him and try and stay up there with him.”

Ok, now that you understand that Watt works hard, here’s his explanation why.


This is obviously a rational, and likely the best approach to achieving success (Peyton Manning operates in a similar fashion), but I still stand by that whole cat-skinning comment.

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