Joe Buck Does the Same Game Six ‘We Will See You Tomorrow Night’ Call As His Dad Did In 1991

by 8 years ago

[AG's Note: I posted this thought on Twitter about 10 before Brandon posted this video so I'm adding it here — I don't think this is as big of a deal as everyone else does. I saw several people on Twitter predict before yesterday's game that he would use the same line as his Dad to call the end of Game 6. So while I agree that it was a nice homage it was clearly very premeditated. You just know Buck has been waiting to say this line for a long time, and once game 6 was postponed a day for rain and once the game entered the ninth inning with the Cardinals losing, he had a 50-50 shot that he could use it. Either Texas was going to win or it was going to be a walk-off hit for the Cardinals. This call wasn't spontaneous at all. Again, still a nice tribute and of course an amazing game, but let's not fool ourselves: Joe knew he was using this line the moment he woke up Thursday morning.]

[BW's rebuttal to the rebuttal: Of course it was thought out and planned, but I can't think of a cooler way for Buck — who followed in his dad's footsteps as a broadcaster — to honor his father's legacy. As much as I love to rag on Buck's monotone game calling, this deserves all the attention we're giving it.]

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