Bro Surfing On A Jet-Propelled Surfboard Rides A Fucking Skyscraper Of A Wave, Has Bigger Balls Than You

by 4 years ago

The JetSurf is exactly what it sounds like, a jet-propelled surfboard that takes paddling out of the game entirely. This week pro-surfer Kai Lenny became the first person to ride the JetSurf at Peahi’s famed ‘Jaws’ in Hawaii, one of the biggest and most powerful waves in the world.

To put this into context, this bro rode a virtually untested piece of technology into one of the largest (and therefore most dangerous) waves in the world, a wave the size of an entire apartment complex.

The footage of Kai Lenny on the JetSurf kicks in around :46 in this video:

tip of the hat to TheInertia

Let’s what that asinine ride once more in GIF, shall we?



For more on the JetSurf you can check out this video below:


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