Keith Olbermann Is Not Terribly Impressed With Derek Jeter’s Career, Thinks His Farewell Tour Is Ridiculous



So…Keith Olbermann is basically all like…

…about Derek Jeter’s farewell tour, and his career as a whole, and people who are calling him the best Yankee ever. How contrarian of him.

That said, Olbermann does bring up some fair points in regards to Jeter’s lackluster stats; it’s hard to call him the best Yankee ever simply based on those. This is where diehard Yankees fans might say, “But what about the intangibles, man?!?!” The heart. The hustle. The integrity. The hot chicks. The thoughtful gift baskets he gives to said hot chicks. What about all those things statistical dorks can’t quantify? Like grown men doing this…

…and this.

What about that shit? Well, friends, Olbermann’s not buying it, because rejecting popular opinion is kind of what Olbermann does. Sadly, he makes a pretty strong case while doing it.