Key & Peele Hilariously Parody A Very Dangerous Pre-Game Pump-Up Football Huddle

Just when you think that Key & Peele have exhausted every aspect of extracting funny from professional sports they hit you with a brand new skit that floors you. They ditch the ridiculous football names and set their sites on lampooning the over-the-top pre-game pump-up huddle.

Two football players from the same team take turns shouting inspirational quotes to motivate their teammates for the big game. The players from the Rhinos start innocently chest-bumping each other, but then it quickly escalates into a violent war-front where both players attempt to outdo each other with more and more ridiculous, yet ferocious attacks.

It quickly evolves into something more dark, almost into an action thriller.


The fifth season of Key & Peele arrives on July 8 and I can not wait.