Kyrie Irving’s Instagram May Have Been Hacked, Features Pic of Two Women Sitting on His Lap

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That being said, he's also had awful, awful luck with social media. First there was the business of a possible stalker/Craigslist hooker named “Miss Hawaii” that exploded from a weird little Twitter mystery into a national news story after he filed a police report against the woman in July of 2011. (The long and short of that Twitter problem: Irving was getting harassed by a crazy woman.)

And now, Irving may have had his Instagram account hacked. The picture in question went up last night, was quickly deleted, and is saved above. Truth be told, if Irving didn't have a girlfriend, we'd be congratulating him on it. We still kind of are, but immediately after the photo was posted, the Cavs point guard panicked, went into damage control and said that he wasn't the guy who put it up.

He also blamed the “Internet,” which Deadspin and Barstool have both correctly said is a really strange thing to do when you're caught with two girls on your lap.

But, despite how bad it looked, his girlfriend (@NataaGataa) seemingly had his back.

I actually do think that Irving may have gotten hacked by a former flame, and that the picture comes from a date before the 25th. Last night, Wale threw up this picture of he, Cavs player Dion Waters, and singer Rico Love (for some reason) hanging out with Kyrie. As you can see, Kyrie is wearing a completely different outfit.

Is this total proof that Irving is innocent? No. But should we really care anyway? No.

Instead, let's point out the real shithead in this situation—this guy who tried to extort Irving out of $2,000 in order to keep the pic from going viral:

Ted Stevens understands the Internet better than that guy.

[H/T: Deadspin]

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