High School Basketball Star LaMelo Ball Dropped 92 Points In A Game That Had A Gross Lack Of Defense

Chino Hills star LaMelo Ball scored an unbelievable 92 points in a 146-123 win over Los Osos High School on Tuesday night. Forty one of those points came in the fourth quarter, which leads me to my one and only question…where the fuck was the defense in this game?

Not to take anything away from the winning team or Ball — who is the younger brother of UCLA point guard Lonzo Ball — but a 146-123 final score is NBA All-Star game territory. It’s comically high. And the highlights clearly show that playing defense wasn’t a priority for either team. They both seemed more interested in letting the other team take uncontested shots and then pushing the ball fast. Most of the time, Chino Hills was pushing it to LaMelo Ball who rarely seemed to even make it back to play defense. That doesn’t make scoring 92 points that much less impressive, but cherry picking while the rest of your team deals with defense does make it juuuuuuust a bit easier.