LeBron James Just Tweeted About 9/11 And The First Comment He Received Belongs In The WTF?!? Hall Of Fame



Today is obviously September 11, 2014, which is the 13th anniversary of the worst terrorist attack ever on U.S. soil. With that in mind, LeBron James, like many others, took to twitter to let his fans know that the day and those we lost because of it are in his thoughts. He did so by posting the tweet above with this photo from Instagram and some serious hashtag redundancy. Unless, of course, the words together and united are no longer synonyms and no one sent me the memo. But whatever, his heart was in the right place.

The tweet was what you would have expected it to be, but the first comment on said tweet wasn’t. It came from someone who clearly forgot about September 11th, gives no shits, or just really wants graphic things to happen inside her.



[H/T My Eyes]

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