Monstrosity of a Little League Pitcher BEANS Kid with 99 MPH Equiv Fastball

by 7 years ago

Knoxville, Tenn — Caribbean Champion (Pariba Little League) Curacao’s Ceddanne Rafaela (who's been compared to Kenny Lofton) was beaned by Japan's man child — 6 foot tall, 206 pound Kotaro Kiyomiya today with what was the equivalent of a 99 mph pitch. Rafaela is 4'9″ and weighs in a tough little 71 pounds.

Interesting to watch the concern of home plate umpire Dan Campagnolo who slowed things down for Ceddanne and called for his manager to immediately get out there.

Only to have his manager speed them right back up.

Note: we're referring to the 99 mph as an 'equivalent' because of Little League's shorter distance between mound and batter's box. And if you were wondering, no, Curacao did not score a run on this guy. Japan won by a finaly tally of 7-0. 

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