Longboarding Crash Of The Year: Bro Loses It At High Speed And Eats It While Flying Down A Canyon Road

Longboarding is one of my favorite pastimes from high school. We don’t have any canyon roads or mountains here in Florida like they do out in California, presumably where this video was filmed, but we’ve got plenty of parking garages and cars to tow ourselves behind out on the open road.

The problem with longboarding is you get way too comfortable on those boards, and over time you attempt tricks you have no business doing. A buddy of mine split his forearm clean in half (and got a whole new grill of fake teeth) for getting too confident on a longboard during one Summer back in college. And I’m not sure what the extent of this bro’s injuries were but I can only assume that he’s going to at least strap on some pads before the next time he goes skating

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