This ‘Make Hockey Happen’ Video Will Drive You Puckheads Through a Wall

by 7 years ago

Puckheads can be like a pack of rabid wolves about their sport. And we know we have plenty of them who come and visit us every single day. The Canadians across the sports blogosphere's Rainbow Bridge at The Score found this downright sublime short film about an annual buddy lake hockey game in British Columbia every January. Though it's only five and a half minutes long, it's a wonderful story of best Bros who just want to play some puck.

via the Driftwood Films, the video's creator:

Every January a group of friends go from the city to 8 hours north, to Green Lake, BC, Canada. Their mission, to build a full size hockey rink from the frozen lake and make hockey happen. It takes several trips up north to prep the ice for this week. A snowplow scrapes the surface, and when it’s cold enough, the ice is flooded to smooth the surface. Even though the ice is softer and more susceptible to damage, the backdrop of a wide open space and crisp air is undeniably one of the best feelings in the world. I can’t wait for next January.