Man Has Bad Round Of Golf, Snaps All Of His Clubs During A Profanity-Laced Meltdown

His name is Bundy, he apparently sucks at golf, and thanks to being an ill-tempered son of a bitch he no longer has to worry about playing, because he broke all of his clubs in a moment of beautiful, post-round rage. Yep, old, ornery Bundy snapped all of his irons like twigs and then he broke all of his bag tags as well as his bag. But he kept his woods and new towel, because what did that towel ever do to him? Plus, it was a gift from Santa.

The best moment of the video, though, is when Bundy finds a tool of some sort hanging on his bag that he’s confused by, “This…I don’t even know what this is, never used it.” Then he reads the tag on it, “Friends of Katy Watson? I don’t know who that fucking bitch is.” DESTROYED.

[H/T Golf Digest]

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