Watch WWE Star And ‘World’s Strongest Man’ Mark Henry Dunk A Basketball Like It’s 1994 — Because It Was

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Mark Henry Dunk


It’s easy to forget that almost every WWE star was, at some point, a tremendous athlete in a different sport. Some guys played football, baseball, lacrosse and even rugby. Mark Henry was a world class powerlifter. He was an Olympic competitor. He could also dunk the shit out of a basketball.

Well, he could probably dunk a basketball but his showing in the 1994 Foot Locker Slam Dunk contest wasn’t too impressive. Mark didn’t do so well against some amazing competition. Check out the field of competitors.

Slam Dunk


Kenny Lofton, Ken Griffey Jr., any one of the hundred athletes named Sanders. That’s some stiff competition. Not sure how Chaz Bono got involved but the 90s were fucking crazy time.

[via With Spandex]

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