Marshawn Lynch Sits During American National Anthem, Stands For Mexican Anthem In NFL Mexico Game

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All season long NFL players have been scrutinzed for deciding to sit out the national anthem following in the footsteps of controversial QB Colin Kaepernick who began protest as a way to shed light to the inequalities African Americans are subject to in this country. Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch has not been shy about sitting out the anthem but one journalist noticed that Lynch did something different this Sunday while the team was in Mexico City.

According to Boston Globe writer Ben Volin, Lynch sat out the American anthem but was later seen standing during the Mexican anthem.

One Raiders fan disputed Volin’s account and said that Lynch rose for Mexico’s anthem because he was a trainer was helping him with his chest pads.

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He was standing during the US national anthem but then had to sit down for some reason and trainers started working on his equipment. When he stood for the Mexican national anthem again trainers were working on his chest pads. Ben tried to paint it as he did it for being a dick

While Volin’s picture could certainly be a misunderstanding, several people on Twitter are already crushing Lynch for what they perceive to be a disrespectful act.

Lynch has stated in the past that he’s sat for the national anthem for 11 years, so it’s not entirely surprising that he sat out the anthem today. While intentionally standing up for the Mexican anth

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