Huge Betting Money Is Already Rolling In On Mayweather-McGregor, Including Dozens Of Prop Bets

by 2 years ago
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Way back in November if you had placed a bet on a Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor fight the odds would have been -2250 for Mayweather and +950 for McGregor. However, as soon as the fight was officially announced the opening odds were -800 for Mayweather and +500 for McGregor, according to OddsShark. That’s quite a swing, huh? Especially considering that pretty much no one is giving McGregor, including his former sparring partner, much of a chance at winning.

That being said, one day later money has been pouring in with bets being placed on McGregor to score an upset victory, according to CBS Sports.

“We expected more money to come in on McGregor, but not at this level. A McGregor win is already a huge liability for the book and it will only get bigger,” Bovada sportsbook manager Kevin Bradley said. “I estimate that this fight might be the biggest single decision for us of any single event ever. The overall money and wagers on this may rival the Super Bowl, if not bigger, as we expect anyone and everyone to have a bet on it in some capacity.”

Now the betting line sits at -600 for Mayweather and +400 for McGregor. To put that in perspective, gamblers thought that Holly Holm (+800) had less of a chance to beat Ronda Rousey (which she did) and that the Indiana Pacers (+650) had less of a chance to beat Cleveland Cavaliers in round one of this year’s NBA playoffs (they did not.)

So do people really think that arguably the greatest boxer of this generation will lose to a guy with a total of zero professional boxing matches? Or are they just rolling the dice hoping for a miracle punch to land?


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