Ex-Porn Star Mia Khalifa Called Out Old Miss QB Chad Kelly Again Over His Reaction After Sliding Into Her DMs

by 2 years ago

Mia Khalifa, Instagram

Remember how a month ago former porn star Mia Khalifa put Ole Miss QB Chad Kelly on blast for trying to slide into her DMs prior to playing (and losing to) her beloved Florida State Seminoles?

Yeah, that was pretty funny.

Welp, she apparently isn’t done roasting his ass over it because when she was asked about it on WCMF Radio’s “Break Room” show she decided to torch him one more time.

When discussing how she decided to make Kelly’s thirst for her a public thing Khalifa had this to say about him deleting his Twitter completely after she revealed his DMs…

“He didn’t have to delete his social media and go into hiding. He didn’t say anything bad. He didn’t Brett Favre himself or anything,” said Khalifa.

“Are you saying, in you being a bitch [her words] you exposed Chad Kelly as being a little bitch?” asked the host.

“YES! But who’s the real winner here? He has a winning record this season. Florida State doesn’t,” replied Khalifa.

There was a lot more talk about this whole saga, which you can listen to below, but based on that exchange, Mia basically just called Chad Kelly a bitch. Hilarious.

And here’s the full interview because what the hell else do you have to today?

If for some reason those don’t work for you just go here to listen.

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