Miami Heat Fan Doesn’t Give A Shit About Society’s Rules And Says ‘Shit’ On Live TV

by 3 years ago

It’s a different world than the one your parents grew up in, bros. We can send people dick pics fro 5 seconds and then have them disappear forever. They can say ‘fuck’ on TV now as long as it’s after 10 PM. We have internet porn. It’s just a whole new world out there.

There are still some things, however, that haven’t changed. For instance, you still can’t swear during primetime on any of the basic cable channels that’s connected to a major news outlet. Seems like yaboi here didn’t get that memo, because he spits out a quickfire shit-bomb right in the face of a reporter.

At least that reporter held fast against potentially losing his job. The guy looked he had just seen a ghost. “C’mon, man!” That’s the voice pitch of pure defeat right there. Also, how about the guy being interviewed looking like he couldn’t give less of a shit about what he’s saying. That’s the face of someone who could care less about being seen swearing on live TV. That’s a “I hate my job but love my team” face. He definitely took a page out of the 101 Ways To Become A Viral Phenomenon book.

Thankfully for this guy, he’s going to have at least one more opportunity to potentially seeing his Heat beat the shit out of their opponents. If they win, he’ll have more. If not, poor guy will have to do something else to get back into the spotlight. Maybe an f-bomb on a cooking show or helicopter his dick during an eyewitness account at the location of a local fire. Really, the possibilities are endless.

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