The U’s 3rd String QB Kevin Olsen Gets Arrested For DUI, Takes Most ‘Does It Look Like I Give A Fuck?’ Mug Shot Ever



About time The U, my beloved alma mater, finally got it’s swagger back!

But seriously, last night, University of Miami third string quarterback Kevin Olsen was arrestedt for driving under the influence and also using a fake ID. As noted by a Reddit user (below), the arrest marks one of many “incidents” — one of which was a positive drug test — in Kevin Olsen’s recent past. For all we know, the redshirt freshman could have a real problem on his hands or he might just be acting like a 19-year-old college kid.

Tough to say if this will become a pattern from Olsen, but one thing is for sure, his mug shot game is on another level.



[H/T NBC Miami]