Kid Asks Michael Jordan ‘WHAT ARE THOSE?!?!’ At Basketball Camp, Then MJ Burns Him Hard

by 3 years ago


Are you familiar with the “WHAT ARE THOSE?!” meme? Cause it is the hot fire with the kids these days. This kid had a question for Michael Jordan at a basketball camp and burned #23 with a WHAT ARE THOSE??!??!?!! drop, causing all the kids in the room to start laughing.

MJ was confused at first, but then someone explained the reference. He then burned the kid right back, saying they’re XX9 Lows, a never-before-seen Air Jordan kick that hasn’t been released yet. In other words, Jordan still has the most swag ever.

Here’s another angle:


And in case you’re an old person and not familiar with the “WHAT ARE THOSE?!?!?!?” Vine/Instagram meme that the kids love these days…

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