Michael Phelps Isn’t So Different Than Us, Plays Call of Duty for Over 30 Hours a Week

by 6 years ago

O.K., Michael Phelps might have other qualities that earned him his almost record number of medals, like his ridiculously long arms, his insane workout routine and the amount he practices, but in an interview with The Post Game, Phelps admitted to playing first-person shooter, Call of Duty in excess of 30 hours a week! Add that to the fact that he rips bongs, and you have about 95% of American college students, and eats 10,000 calories a day (which are explicitly for training purpose). While I have no doubt that his training and preparation take a major precedence over any other activities, this is a fun fact about the face of American swimming. 


[H/T: Venture Beat]


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