Watch Michelle Waterson AKA The Karate Hottie Dominate Angela Magana In Her UFC Debut At TUF 21 Finale



Michelle Waterson better known as the Karate Hottie made her UFC debut against TUF alum Angela Magana on Sunday night. While Waterson struggled with her grappling early in the first round, she exploded in the second and began to dominate the fight both in the stand-up and on the ground.

Many questioned whether Waterson would be able to hold her own with the larger grapple-centric fighters in the UFC but she was surprisingly able to toss around the larger Magana at-will.

In the end, the Karate Hottie was able to take Magana’s back in the third round and finish her off with a solid RNC choke.

Waterson has potential to become a UFC star if she continues to grow as a fighter because she’s easily one of the hottest female fighters in MMA. Seriously, dat ass.

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