High School Laxers Pre-Game Ritual Involved Killing A Guinea Pig And Smearing Its Blood On Their Faces



When we were in high school, we got pumped for lacrosse games by going to Victor’s Pizza, then taking the field to the sounds of The Beastie Boys. Sabatoge, in particular.

That’s a song that’ll get you jazzed to play some lax.

Teen laxers in Michigan had a different tact for getting hype. They allegedly killed a guinea pig and rubbed its blood all over their faces.

Normal shit, you know.

The team has been suspended as police investigate, reports MLive:

Lacrosse activities of the Grosse Ile High School Red Devils have been suspended while police investigate, a school district official said Tuesday evening.

Police in the upscale downriver island community confirmed that Wednesday morning that the investigation was underway, and that the animal killed was a guinea pig.

School officials in Grosse Ile received information Monday that “one or more members of the District’s lacrosse team engaged in cruelty to an animal,” the district announced Tuesday.

School officials are withholding punishment until after police conclude their investigation. Sources told Fox that the laxers did it to bond.

[Members] of the Grosse Ile High School boy’s lacrosse team are under investigation for killing a guinea pig before a game and painting themselves with its blood.

The allegations were made by a source on Monday. According to FOX 2 sources, the team members performed the deed before a home game last week in an attempt at “team bonding”. The allegations say this “bonding” attempt happened before the game against the Dexter Deadnoughts, which the Red Devils lost 13-6.

Man. Who would have thought that wouldn’t have worked?

[Via Deadspin]