SHOTS FIRED As Miesha Tate Says Ronda Rousey Has Some Super Nasty B.O.

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The last time we checked in on UFC fighter Miesha Tate she was about to get her arm snapped in half for a second time at the hands of Ronda Rousey so I guess at this point she really has zero fucks to give. So when Tate, who everyone knows has no love for Rousey, was asked by an intrepid TMZ reporter, “Is Ronda Rousey stinky?” Tate went ahead and threw some major shade on the undefeated UFC women’s champ.

“She actually is, I’m not gonna lie, she really is,” replies Tate somewhat hesitantly. “I heard she uses some like natural deodorant or something. It doesn’t work very well.”

Rousey v. Tate 3, anyone?