MLB Player’s Young Son Just Changed The Bat Flip Game Forever

Meet the young son of Milwaukee Brewers super-utility infielder Hernan Perez forever changed the bat flip game. Kid’s got a great swing no doubt about that. But he also has the post-home run celebration down pat and is about to change the bat flip game forever. Christopher Perez smashed a ball and showed off his unique and violent bat flip technique.

Someone check on the chain-link fence to see if it is okay. You have to appreciate the strut down the baselines, jumping high-five with the imaginary third-base coach and the salute to the heavens as he crosses home plate. The kid had better be prepared to duck out of the batter’s box on his next at-bat.

Fast forward 20 years and this is the moment right after Hernan’s son hits his first big league home run.


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